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From the people that brought you “Nectar of the Gods” comes Birds of the Muses. In ancient Greece Rome and Egypt bees were considered sacred. Their sweet and healing honey was revered and their hard working cohesive spirit valued by the Gods. They would utilize these small wonders to help their favorite mortals. If a mortal wanted to be a singer a poet or even a warrior the Gods would send their muses to place honey on their lips and the mortal would find their endeavors fulfilled. Bees were therefore known as “Birds of the Muses.”

Bee inspired and fulfill your endeavors by eating (a local beekeeper’s) honey, the worlds most perfect food.

Learn about my bees and fall in love with them like I did.

What makes my honey award winning? The ingredients are all listed here, let it inspire your garden.

It takes a village to make award winning honey, let me introduce you to the village in my bee yard.