There are several people to whom Im most grateful for as without them my dream of starting a business would not have been this successful. There is a lot to be grateful for, this page is a small token to show my deepest gratitude to them all:

Mark Bly

The Flying Chef

Personal friend and global chef extraordinaire Mark was invaluable to my success. As my business coach he patiently held my hand through the daunting process of starting a business and thanks to his tenacity helped push me through the many speed bumps. Mark, I cannot thank you enough!

Heather Turning

Turning Heads Design

Like the look of my Logo? That is thanks to brilliant artist Heather Turning. From my chicken scratch drawings to the final product she was able to translate it and help procure my vision. Thank you for all the great ideas and creativity that resulted in this professional image my product will forever bear.

Friends and Family

Thanks to all the friends and family I constantly “what about this/that’d” as I brain stormed with them to get an outside point of view. Thanks especially to my wordsmith that helped make sure my Legend was translated from Kate-lish to proper English. Thanks also to my Greek friend that helped make sure my product was as authentic as possible. I am a success because of my wonderful and supportive community.


Last but certainly not least, my customers! Thank you so much for your help in supporting a domestic beekeeper. Local beekeepers are not only trying to keep the bee populations going through these challenging times but also producing the best quality honey available. We could not do it without people like you that are willing to pay a little extra for a quality product.