2018 and 2019 awards

Welcome to Birds of the Muses. I am a small backyard beekeeper, have been since about 2014. I was originally going to do research on animal behavior so keeping bees has captured my attention in more than one way. They are the most fascinating creatures and unexpectedly complex! I keep bees in two bee yards (for now), one at home with me and one southern bee yard where the bees enjoy a longer season to collect their nectar and pollen. Though there are frustrations such as dealing with the Varroa Mite and yellow jackets that can do a lot of damage to a weak hive, they are an absolute joy to keep and now I cannot imagine life without them. There is something about holding a frame full of bees that can do some pretty significant damage to you yet not only chose not to but also make eye contact with you. It’s incredibly powerful.

Not long ago I read an article stating how the worlds production of honey was down so I decided to start my own honey business. Having bees makes one evaluate their daily lives in new ways. To keep the bees healthy a beekeeper tries to be as chemical free outside as much as possible but that can also influence the inside life as well. I now have a small echo system that not only helps the bees in one way or another but is as environmentally friendly as possible. Know that my honey is as natural as I and my wonderfully supportive bee longing neighbors can make it.

What makes my honey two time award winning in 2018 and 2019 according to the Spokane State Fair (due to Covid-19 in 2020 there was no contest at the fair)? It takes a village. Learn about the flora and fauna that makes this all possible.