This seemingly simple insect is anything but. Their biology is so black and white yet incredibly complex at the same time that it could take a lifetime just to learn it all. I like to say it is the kind of hobby that can keep Alzheimers away. Each hive has its own personality and yet there is no such thing as an individual. Their cohesion was noticed by the ancients and that’s one of many reasons they were so revered. Learn about the bees and see if you too fall deeply in love with them like I did.

I often get asked, ” do you get stung?” Sure I do but its very rare. Instead I like to get to know them better. Know people that are afraid of bees? There’s really nothing to be afraid of, trust me! This time a year (fall) the nectar flow is over and forager bees are desperate to find anything, this is a good time to feed them, from the hand if you are brave enough. I mix 2:1 sugar:water and put a little into a squirt bottle and add it to my hand. As long as you don’t squish they won’t sting, easy. Now the even funner part is that bees have a three day memory so tomorrow when you are out and about they will come find you and ask if you by chance happen to have any more? Put your hand out and watch them land and investigate!

Another common question people ask is about the “Murder Hornets” or better and more appropriately known as the Asian Giant Hornet. Here is a short video to help explain why they pose such an enormous threat to our bees.

But lets start from the beginning…

Ancient Bee in Amber

During the time of the dinosaurs over 100 million years ago bee like wasps ancestors were roaming the Eurasian continent. The split from carnivorous wasp to vegetarian bee coincides with the advent of blooming flowers.

Cave Drawing

Ten to fifteen thousand years ago humans were collecting honey from bees, one of two sources of sugar in those days. This approximately 8000 year old cave painting discovered in Aran cave near Spain depicts early humans and the perils they endured to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Bees are not native to North America but these immigrants helped save the soon to be United States during the revolutionary war!

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