“Birds of the Muses” a trademarked name was created in 2020. The two* time award winning honey from Spokane is made by happy free range bees with the support of a lot of friends.

*two.. for now, subject to change.

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As a lover of the sweet nectar i can truly say this honey is exceptional! The color, aroma and taste attest to the extraordinary care and cultivation the producers put into their product. For all lovers of the golden goodness i highly recommend Birds of the Muses!


I have the gift of prophecy and I knew this honey was going to be divine.


As Priestesses of the Honey Bee we cannot say enough good about this honey and the mortal that makes it. The Gods definitely sent their muses her way. The production of honey is considered to be magical and divine and this honey is just that. Her land is kept natural and her bees happy. When the Gods decide its time to recruit a fourth Melissae this lady gets our highest recommendation!

Ra, the one true Sun God

When the bees grew from my tears I never thought there would be a mortal that could harness them so perfectly. There is a place among the stars for humans that make honey like this.


I am the Greek God of beekeeping. I am honored by this honey.

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